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❤️欢迎来到我们的频道!❤️ 我们是个中国丹麦跨国小家庭。定居在丹麦。我们有个可爱的女儿叫小木啦. 在一个本该是乐于助人的情况下,丘比特爱神射出了箭给我们,让那次偶遇变成幸福一生的挚爱。 我们都很爱中国菜和中国饮食文化。我们尤其喜欢邀请丹麦这边的家人和朋友一起品尝我们自己做的中国菜,并且给他绍中餐文化。我们也做一些和北欧其他国家相关的Vlog。 期待你订阅我们的频道❤️ 观看我们这个充满爱的家庭的欢乐日常治愈系Vlog,了解更多丹麦和北欧的风土人情。 每周至少1~2次 更新。 ❤️Welcome to our channel! We are so happy to see you❤️ We are a Danish-Chinese couple living in Denmark together with our lovely little daughter Mulla (小木啦). The stars aligned when we first met and a simple helpful gesture soon turned into a shared life full of happiness and love. We share a common love for Chinese food and culture and we particularly love introducing our Danish friends and family to delicious, homemade Chinese cuisine. We also make videos about other aspects of life as an inter-cultural couple in North Europe. Please join us for some fun, healing, family time full of good vibes:) We try to upload videos at least 1-2 times per week

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