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Internet TV channel DB LIVE is a part of New media wing of Deshbandhu- A newspaper with 65 years standing. Deshbandhu has positioned itself as a serious newspaper with the twin objectives of providing :- a) space for intellectual discussions and b) Optimum space for development oriented stories with a rural basis. This puts Deshbandhu in a class of its own amongst all Hindi newspapers and has brought many laurels to us. DB LIVE delivers round O'clock news and informative bulletin from various part of the society. Vision: To uphold and propagate cherished values of Democracy, Socialism, Secularism, Social Justice and Human Dignity, and help achieve enduring peace and harmony in the society. Mission a) To produce bulletins not only to disseminate information, but also as tools of public education and social awareness. b) To take up programmes & set up institutions for reaching out to general public for creating better understanding about democratic values.

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