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頻道創立年份 2016
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Description In Vidol, the audio and video platform, you can know more about the celebrities whom you like. Not only that, Vidol makes drama-watching become more easily. First, Vidol has high definition of drama, variety shows and live broadcast. With more than four thousands of high quality programs, you can easily turn your smart phone into a movable TV. Vidol’s multi-device function keeps the watching records for you. No matter which device you are using, you can catch it up easily.In Vidol platform, you could collect the video and idol you like as a favorite. The easiest way to follow your favorite. The most important is that we provide both Mandarin and English version. Enjoy the show, don’t worry about the language issue! APP Download: Vidol Android: Vidol ios: 把Vidol劇為己有 [HD戲劇及綜藝節目、直播頻道] 超過數千小時的優質節目內容 [跨裝置同步觀看] 觀看紀錄完整保留,跨裝置無縫接軌 [主打明星] 一次收藏明星及影片,隨時追劇不間斷 [中英文版本] 與世界接軌提供中英文版本 [獨家內容] 推出獨家花絮、Vidol自製內容

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平均觀看次數 211169