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A Guinness World Record Holder, Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist, 7 times winner of World Music Awards, 5 Platinum Record Awards & 6 African Music Awards. According to BBC, he has ruled the Arab music world, specially Egypt and the Middle East, since mid 80s, continually breaking sales records. His songs has been translated to more than seven different languages. The seven-time World Music Awards Winner, Amr Diab, is the Founder of Mediterranean Music. Amr Diab was born on the 11th of October, 1961 in Portsaid, Egypt.At the age of six, Amr sang at the July 23rd Festival in Portsaid, he was surprisingly awarded a guitar from the governor for his excellence. One of his best songs of all time is Nour El-Ain, which wasn't a success only in the Middle East but in the whole world. Amr Diab's hard work and passion to creating music and new stylized musical techniques was is ultimate aim throughout the years. He has certainly delivered to all his fans around the globe and proved that he is on of the best Middle Eastern singers with extraordinary talent, determination, charisma and charming appearance.

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